Milk caramel chocolate with Old  Man Saltbush

Milk caramel chocolate with Old Man Saltbush

This 45% milk chocolate takes it's reference from the ancient garden of the Australian bush, the perfect accompaniment to the work of Domenica Vavala.

Flavoured with caramel, vanilla contrasted with the saltiness of Old Man Saltbush native herb and Tasmanian sea salt this chocolate has a delightful salty/sweet flavour profile.

The cacao for this chocolate is organic single-origin sourced in Vietnam through 

Samanta Bakker chocolatier from Monsieur Truffe has collaborated with us to create the most delicious chocolates for us with a diverse range of flavours. Each chocolate is inspired by an artist's work and has been created to celebrate an exhibition or launch held at The Boroughs Store.

A collaboration between SamantaBakker chocolatier for Monsieur Truffe and The Boroughs Store.