Anna Weber ~ State of Flux
Anna Weber ~ State of Flux
Anna Weber ~ State of Flux
Anna Weber ~ State of Flux
Anna Weber ~ State of Flux
Anna Weber ~ State of Flux

Anna Weber ~ State of Flux

Anna was born and raised in Tasmania and has always had a passion for design, craft and the built environment. Whilst completing a Bachelor of Design at UTS she undertook a sub-major in Jewellery Design, this sparked a deep-rooted love and appreciation for the art of contemporary jewellery. Anna’s work continues to have a strong connection to her design background and is imbued with architectural aesthetic and geometric lines.

Through her studio work Anna explores the idea of preciousness and what makes jewellery hold value for the wearer. A piece can seem to lack value from a monetary perspective but it is the emotional value and sentiment imprinted onto it that makes it precious to the wearer.

Anna is committed to the use of sustainable practice and it is integral to and informs much of her work. She uses recycled and non-precious metals and explores unconventional and often discarded materials, such as laminate and timber offcuts, with a view to shine a new light on their beauty.

Puzzle Brooch, 2021
Hand-pierced laminate offcuts, brass, silk, stainless steel

Haystack Brooch, 2021
Brass, ceramic paint, stainless steel

Frilled Neck-lace, 2021
Brass, stainless steel mesh, powdercoat, silk

Haystack Necklace, 2021
Brass, ceramic paint, silk

Pickup Sticks Necklace, 2021
Brass, powdercoat, silk