Dawn Vachon ~ Conical vase
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Dawn Vachon ~ Conical vase

Dawn Vachon is a uniquely talented ceramist.

This vase is totally unique as Dawn is experimenting with her next glaze and shape direction, they are an example of function, beauty, and durability. Her signature sculptural style of wheel and hand-building is evident in this vase.


After an early career in baking, she decided to study ceramics at art school in the hope she could be as physically creative, with a less ephemeral end product.

Dawn graduated from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2008, and moved to Melbourne shortly after.  Initially, she completed a one-year residency at the Incinerator Arts Complex in Moonee Ponds and spent time in her home studio working with clay, until she found her way into Melbourne's ceramics community.

Her work starts as an experiment with alternate ways of using common ceramic materials to come up with a totally unique piece. She employs various techniques within that piece that depend on what she is making at the time.

She describes her work as, "the result of several half-sentences and truncated revelations, arranged together in an attempt to organise the wrinkles and the clamour into something faintly melodious".

We think Dawn's work is lyrical, playful, and beautiful.