Beard gloss shampoo
Beauty and the Bees

Beard gloss shampoo

Let's be honest, guys are a bit under represented at The Boroughs, so in an effort to redress this situation we're offering a selection of fine handmade soap products from Tassie, tailored just for the boys.

Beauty and the Bees really know about sensitive skin and have been making skincare products for 15 years from scratch (no pun intended). Patsy and her team are totally self reliant and don't buy any prepared ingredients.  

This chunky Beard Gloss shampoo bar is a 100% natural, rich in conditioning olive and castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax and honey. It will gently but thoroughly cleanse your hirsute pride and joy leaving it healthy fluffy and shiny ..antiseptic essential oils such as Tasmania's kunzea and Lavender to keep the skin healthy too!

Weight: 110 gms - 120 gms

Size: W - 70 mm, L - 70 mm, H - 25 mm approximatley