Candy Ng
Candy Ng
Candy Ng
Candy Ng
Candy Ng

Candy Ng

Candy Ng is an emerging artist, living and working in Melbourne, Australia.
Born in Hong Kong, Candy moved to Melbourne to establish her graphic design and illustration practise. Candy’s work has been described as observant, colourful and quirky.

Her work is filled with inspiration from people, nature, adventures and good thoughts that can bring a smile to your face.
Candy has exhibited her work around Australia and in New York and Berlin.


Candy is exhibiting at The Boroughs for the first time in November.

"What's on the Table"
Opening November 14th
A table always draws people together wherever you are, especially when you are travelling. 
It becomes special, creating a physical unity, a fellowship with those sharing the table with us.
The experience of eating and telling stories around a table nourishes every part of us.
A table can be a quiet spot, a place to reflect on our memories or to unwind. Each time we sit at a table, it becomes a unique experience that creates its own story.
Sharing a table can be just what we expected or something beyond our exceptions.