Ceramics: Dawn Series Bowls
Ceramics: Dawn Series Bowls
Ceramics: Dawn Series Bowls

Ceramics: Dawn Series Bowls

These beautiful bowls are part of the "dawn series", a new glaze finish developed by local ceramicist Tara Shackell

Their name refers to the moody sky-like appearance of the glaze.


Tara makes functional, durable wheel-thrown, stoneware pieces with that feature clean simple forms. Her glazes are restrained and delicate. She is recognised for her sublime ability to draw out shapes with precision and consistency.

A Brunswick local, Tara has been a forerunner in craft resurgence. She has been patiently and quietly honing her skills as a ceramicist for a number of years.

The purity of her forms and the subtly of her glazes make each piece collectable.

Each piece shown is hand thrown on the wheel and later hand-finished and glazed by the artist.  

The artists signature on the bottom of each piece.

Please note: The size and shape and glaze varies slightly on each piece.

Small bowl  - H 70 mm D 150 mm approx

Medium bowl - H 85 mm D 160 mm approx


We have more styles of Tara's work instore at 345 Lygon Street East Brunswick.