Iron Age series
Iron Age series
Iron Age series
Iron Age series

Iron Age series

These vessels are part of Tara's "Iron Age glaze" series.

Their name refers to the metallic appearance of some of the glazes.


Tara makes functional, durable wheel-thrown, stoneware pieces with that feature clean simple forms. Her glazes are restrained and delicate. She is recognised for her sublime ability to draw out shapes with precision and consistency.

A Brunswick local, Tara has been a forerunner in craft resurgence. She has been patiently and quietly honing her skills as a ceramicist for a number of years.

The purity of her forms and the subtly of her glazes make each piece collectable.

Each piece shown is hand thrown on the wheel and later hand-finished and glazed by the artist.  

The artists signature on the bottom of each piece.

Cylinder vase - H 165 mm opening D 56 mm

Amphora vase  - H 165 mm opening D 53 mm

Celadon whiskey cup  - H 65 mm opening D 65 mm