Pijama Bumbag

Pijama Bumbag

Fashion designer Monica Battistella and architect, Sergio Gobbi noticed a lot of unwanted and discarded fabric in the home city of Milan. Instead of disposing of these short lengths of fabric they decided to use for them and value to them, creating a line of simple, practical carryware.

Together they founded Pijama in 2006 based on a philosophy of upcycling. They combined the fabrics they found with neoprene, creating products that keep their shape and are at the same time lightweight.

Every Pijama bag is composed of three layers of different materials resulting in a hardwearing product. The upcycled fabric is the final layer that creates the look.

Pijama is designed in their Milanese studio and manufactured in small batches, to order, close by in their neighbourhood.

Exclusive to The Boroughs Store.