About The Boroughs Store

The Boroughs was an internationally recognised design store in East Brunswick.

Our store occupied an integral roll in the community supporting and projecting the products, ideas and careers of local creatives. Our shelves were stocked with functional, enduring and beautiful products, the majority of which came from the surrounding area. We proudly represented Melbourne’s designers since 2007.

The Boroughs was also recognised for its role in telling the story of Brunswick East, its’ transformation from humble working-class suburb and hub of the textile industry, to a community focused on art, design and sustainability. These stories were shared through a range of products shaped through collaboration with local makers.

Behind The Boroughs is designer and marketer, Alasdair MacKinnon and artist Eddy Carroll.

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During 2013, Alasdair began creating a range of products in collaboration with local designers and artists. These include skin care products, eyewear, chocolate, homewares, and stationary.

The Boroughs is featured in the Monocle, and Suitcase city-guides and is a contributor to the Berlin based ‘Green Me’ tours.

Our store was an expression of neighbourhood and community.