Current Exhibition


Sky Light brings together the work of artists Dawn Vachon and Ria Green. Using the mediums of ceramic sculpture, painterly glazes and pigments, with faux fresco techniques. Each artist presents explorations of ephemeral moments experienced in the atmosphere and natural landscape. These works seek to represent light in its many varied manifestations. Each work captures a fleeting moment from nature, setting it in stone.

Ria’s practice presents abstracted representations of ephemeral moments of wonderment found in the natural world. By capturing these visceral experiences of awe, time is suspended momentarily enabling the sublime surfaces to reveal themselves. In embracing the pictorial space, Green’s paintings offer deeper contemplation and connection to the world around.

Dawn’s sculptural vessels created for Sky Light contrast the lightness of clouds -ever gently shifting in form and colour- to the ceramic materials themselves; heavy, permanent, and shifting poetically only when inside the closed box of the kiln. There’s a dialogue between lift and gravity, the ephemeral and the undeniable - echoing the function of the vase as a receptacle for flowers from their freshest and through their dwindling.

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