Tsukemono chocolate reviewed by "My year in chocolate"

In five years of collaborating with local chocolatier, Samanta Bakker at Monsieur Truffe, we've never been reviewed, so I was very pleased when this review by LA-based chocolate blogger @myic2016 (Trish) popped up recently.

The Tsukemono bar enwrapped in a striking Katagami design is the most complete package we've ever produced thanks in large part to the skills of designer Ruby Mackinnon and collector Jo Doherty

The review.....

"Though I don’t get the chance these days to utilize my degree in International Business, I’m always on the lookout to try new flavours & discover tidbits about different cultures. This collaboration bar fulfilled both things 🙌🏻
Brunswick East’s (Melbourne, Australia) Design Store @theboroughs3057 collaborated with neighbour @monsieurtruffe to create a special chocolate bar for the launch of @paper_geishas’ katagami exhibition: chocolate made by @samanta_bakker & packaging design by @rubymackinnon.
What is katagami? I had no idea until this afternoon! It is the Japanese craft of making finely cut paper stencils that are bonded together with persimmon tannin and utilize carved openwork designs to create minute repeating patterns when dyeing cotton or silk for kimonos or other garments. This ancient art is considered an “Important Intangible Cultural Property” of Japan & I wish I lived closer to see the exhibit in person!
Another new-to-me term is tsukemono, which literally translates to “pickled things,” in this case BEETROOT 😲Photos don’t do justice to the vibrant purple pink, almost fuchsia, colour that appeared once I segmented tasting morsels from the pristine matte finish bar with a sharp snap, releasing a lightly floral & herbal aroma at the breakpoint.

Creamy base 70% Peruvian chocolate punctuated by a textured mouthfeel from the generous chunks of embedded freeze dried pickled beets and the occasional tiny seeds from the freeze-dried raspberries that provide the dominant fruity flavour notes.
Very grateful to Samanta & Caleb for all their efforts in fulfilling my order from the other side of the world 😲It took 3 weeks to get here to SoCal, but worth the wait!! 🥰"

Thanks Trish.