Meet the Maker - Henty

Hello again from The Boroughs! This week we chatted with one of our most popular makers: Jeremy Grey of Henty! Since introducing us to their incredible WINGMAN utility bag a couple of years ago we've been hooked on Henty's functional yet stylish design. We decided to catch up with Jeremy from his home across the Bass Strait to find out about all things Wingman, Tassie and what's next for Henty...

T.B.S: Can you tell us about the place that inspired the name Henty?

J: Henty is a region on the west coast of Tasmania. It's rugged and remote. The region is named after early settlers who came to Tasmania when it was called Van Diemens Land. Interestingly, they left Tasmania and were some of the first settlers in Port Phillip Bay.

Your wingman bag is incredibly popular! What was the 2 year long design process like?

The design process was an interesting period. The idea came about because I needed the solution for myself. The product design was only one part in a much larger process which allow us to launch Henty. Other areas we needed to focus on were branding, production, marketing and logistics. The two year period also included a period where our interest waxed and waned before we decided to commit and go flat out to make it happen.

The Wingman is now used by cyclists around the world, are you a keen cyclist and traveller yourself?

I get out on the bike as often as I can, but it's more mountain biking now than commuting. My business partner Jon Gourlay circumnavigated the Mediterranean on his bicycle. Working on Henty full-time means I get to travel (with my wingman) for work, and I also try and bring the family along when I can.

You're based in Tasmania, what spots would Henty recommend to anyone visiting from the Boroughs side of the Bass Strait?

Tasmania is a fantastic place to visit. My top picks would be: 1) climb Mount Amos (Coles Bay), 2) Bruny Island for a day trip, 3) Walk the zig-zag track to the summit of Mount Wellington, 4) Take the ferry to MONA, 5) Visit us at Salamanca Markets!

What's next for Henty?

We've got several new designs we've been working on and we hope to release them soon. Our story has started with the Wingman, but we've identified some other exciting opportunities in the luggage space which we hope our customers will appreciate.

Come and visit us at the shop and see the amazing features the Henty Wingman offers!

Written by Claudia Long @ClaudiaLongsays — Images courtesy Henty