Winter is here


It's official: Winter is here. Luckily we only mean the passing of the 1st of June not a Game of Thrones level freeze but you could easily be mistaken seeing as we've had some of the coldest days in years! Seriously, just ask the Bureau of Meteorology. But despite the grey skies, rain and winds to rival an overzealous fan on a fashion shoot, Melbourne in winter is still rather lovely. The Winter Masterpieces exhibition series will be returning featuring the not-at-all dull David Bowie Is exhibition, mulled wine is on virtually every menu and we're well and truly in the swing of the footy season (carn' North!). The fantastic Light in Winter Festival will be making it's return in Federation Square from the 1st to the 30th of June featuring it's renowned light sculptures and we at the Boroughs are rather keen to head along! Although with the temperature continuing to drop outside you may want to rug up a bit before going to Fed Square or even just stay in with some of our favourite winter picks:

Otto and Spike Scarves:

We're not kidding when we say that the best scarves in town come from Otto and Spike, they're literally designed and produced right here in the 3057! Made with premium surplus lambswool Otto and Spike's scarves will not only keep you toasty on the go (or inside if you so choose) but stylish too. Informed by a distinctively retro aesthetic, just take your pick of of something more Mondrian or perhaps checkered to match the McFayden picnic rug.

Happy Socks:

The skies may be dull but the same doesn't have to be said for your feet! Swedish sock and tight makers Happy Socks have something to warm the feet of both the big and little people in your life in every patten from paisley to polka dot. You'll struggle to find a boring pair of Happy Socks but you'll definitely be the envy of onlookers as you show them off on the ride to work!

Penelope Durston Gloves:

It would be remiss of us to leave gloves out of this list after the attention paid to socks and scarves! Do your mitts a favour this winter and pick up a pair of Penelope Durston fingerless gloves from The Boroughs. Made from NZ possum fur, where the animal is a pest, and produced just down the road in Fitzroy by local maker Penelope Durston these guys will keep your digits warm without the bother of being unable to use your phone or do anything requiring dexterity.

The Boroughs x Monsieur Truffe:

Winter isn't just about warming yourself, sometimes you need a little something to warm the soul too. The Boroughs x Monsieur Truffe chocolate is just the ticket! Made in collaboration with our next door neighbours and wrapped in with the artwork of some of our favourite designers, Boroughs x Monsieur Truffe chocolate will definitely bring a bit of a spark to your day (if you choose the popping candy that is)! You can shop them online here.

If you'd like information of the designers, people and events mentioned, follow the links below.

Otto & Spike, Happy Socks, Penelope Durston, Monsieur Truffe

Written by Claudia Long @ClaudiaLongsays — Images courtesy Otto & Spike, The Boroughs