Tokyo Springtime at the The Boroughs

July brings real winter weather to East Brunswick, rainy days with grey skies and cold winds. It's that time of year when woollen gloves stay close at hand and a beanie is never far from my head.

Like an act of defiance to the season a delightful little piece of Tokyo springtime is drifting toward The Boroughs like a Sakura blossom caught on the breeze. 

UGUiSU is a Tokyo-based stationery, homewares, crafts and gift store founded in 2009 by Hikaru Komura. 

Hikaru, known to her friends as Hiki, will be transporting the best of her little store into our little store from Sunday July 17th to Sunday July 24th.

UGUiSU is similar to The Boroughs in that it was created to highlight the work of local artists, designers and craftspeople.  Hiki has successfully introduced the work of many Japanese artisans to her fans around the world, and now she is bringing a carefully hand-picked selection that includes items hard to find or obtain even in Tokyo to East Brunswick.

UGUiSU will present stationery, textiles, ceramic wares, jewellery, and traditional vegan candles all handcrafted or manufactured in Japan. Each piece has been chosen for its great design and high-quality manufacture. Also included beautiful riso printed wrapping paper made in collaboration with Melbourne artists Beci Orpin and Michelle Mackintosh.

The Boroughs is celebrating the event with a Japanese inspired collection of chocolate mini bars created by chocolatier Samanta Bakker from Monsieur Truffe and an Alice Oehr designed commemorative, limited edition tea towel, printed by Super Special Printing .

Out there in the world

May was a big month for us.

We launched Michelle Mackintosh's latest book Care Packages and  found ourselves in the media.

Being a part of Care Packages was a heartwarming and rewarding experience, Michelle is one of the most beautiful people you could hope to work with. Our whole team got involved, Ruby hand-painted signs for the window, Grace and me worked on constructing an installation of Michelle's projects, all drawn from the pages of the book.

Her community spirit and generosity permeate everything she does. The opening night was a hoot we had a store filled friends, family, and other MM well-wishers. 

To top it all off, renowned Melbourne blogger, Pip from Meet Me at Mikes wrote a fun piece about her friends who have their own chocolate bars in our store.

Outside these walls, on T.V. and in print we were fortunate to be included in two pieces describing the goodness of our neighbourhood. Jess and Ella both love Brunswick East as much as we do, and we're flattered to be included in their 'best ofs' . It's affirming to see that they both appreciate our store and recognise its contribution to the culture of the neighbourhood.

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Pop in and say hi soon....